i2Concrete Designs Inc is a Professional Pool & Patio company which provides a variety of affordable concrete resurfacing techniques that drastically beautify and improve the quality of walking surfaces on your property. Concrete resurfacing methods have proven to be the most beneficial for our residential and commercial clients alike by saving them money while enhancing the quality and appearance of an otherwise normal floor.

Concrete resurfacing is when the existing concrete is sanded down to remove any unwanted imperfections or damage that is visible on the surface of the concrete. Any possible holes in the existing concrete are then filled and touched to have the hue that will meet the expectation of the owner of the residence or business and different types of designs placed over it.

Concrete resurfacing is a technique best defined as a concrete-based (not traditional concrete) decorative surface that will adhere to virtually any solid substrate in need of enhancement or beautification. Concrete resurfacing overlaying provides a variety of color and texture options to achieve the truly unique look of elegance your property deserves.

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Concrete Resurfacing Services


* Cost Effective.
* Cooler Than Normal Concrete.
* Durable Material Applied is 9000 psi Whereas Regular Concrete is Only 3000 psi Per Square Foot.
* Products Manufactured and Formulated in Florida Specifically for Use in Our Climates.
* Attractive, Customizable Textures and Colors.
* Slip Resistant, Waterproof and Fireproof.
* Oil, Rust, Mildew, Mold, Tire Marks, and Algae Resistant.
* Resists Peeling, Ch0ipping, Fading, and Separation.


The beauty of caring for a resurfaced concrete floor is how simple maintenance is. To maintain your newly resurfaced floor all you need to do is apply a mild detergent and hose off with water. A gentle sweep with a broom is recommended for heavily soiled areas.