i1Decorative Concrete unquestionably rates as the ultimate resurfacing material for concrete. With Decorative Concrete, you do not have to settle for plain gray concrete surfaces. We provide our customers with uniquely designed surfaces that dramatically improve the safety and appearance of their existing floor surfaces. We offer many decorative applications through acid staining, concrete resurrection staining, artistic engraving and design. These applications can be applied to any concrete surface; interior concrete floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, counter-tops and more.

Decorative concrete can easily adapt not just to the specified surface where you want to place it but it can also be colored to meet specific looks. Some customers choose different shades of red for the pool area to have a Spanish tile look for the floor surface around the pool. The ability of changing the hue of decorative concrete as well as manipulating the textures and overall design makes it versatile and a perfect option for any surface.

custom stained and stamped concrete            custom patio with firepit


Expert Decorative Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing

Our experience in working on a variety of property types and designing and installing one-of-a-kind custom surfaces has allowed us to build a solid reputation as one of the leading local companies for Decorative concrete. Decorative Concrete comes in an array of attractive customized colors and textures which are individually selected based on our customers’ specific needs. Decorative Concrete is a very hot trend at the moment allowing property owners the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of designs to attain that perfect look.

Our company has the team of expert designers and highly qualified installers who are very detail oriented and work hard to continually ensure complete customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you and revitalizing the look of your existing floor surfaces with a beautiful, long-lasting covering with that perfect Decorative concrete design that you wished for.